Damien Reilly

Founder & CEO
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Dip.Fin. 1987, Member Institute of Export
APRA Full Writer Member 1997     |    Member of AIR    |     Member of ARIA

Damien's specialist skill is the ability to integrate practical internet based communication systems into businesses. He creates leverage for Magic Blue Creative's clients by reducing their communication costs and allowing his clients to grow through improved and more efficient forms of communication and great design.

With over 25 years of IT & Music industry experience, Damien is the CEO of Magic Blue. As the CEO, Damien's specialist skills provide the company with market leverage and a competitive edge that allows the firm to compete more effectively and efficiently both locally and internationally. Damien creates leverage for Magic Blue Creative and our corporate clients through the practical integration of digital entertainment systems, data management services and the continual exploitation and commercialisation of the Magic Blue Creative source code libraries.

In 2007 Magic Blue Creative played a pivotal role in the greater expansion of Blue Pie's digital catalogue and development of new markets. Magic Blue Creative was directly responsible for the firms digital catalogue growing to over 3,000,000 tracks representing over 14,000 labels and over 100,000 artists from all over the world.

Damien is an accomplished musician, composer and producer with numerous international recording credits to his name and top 40 chart achievements.

Board Positions include:

CEO and Founder Blue Pie Productions - www.bluepie.com.au
CEO Blue Vault Digital - www.bluevaultdigital.com
CTO and Founder - Ordior www.ordior.com

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