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What is Night Tennis?

No… it's not a videogame, but a cool party concept launched in Spain last year, recently replicated in Miami and about to hit Australia soon! It's called "Night Tennis" and it consists of a tennis court transformed into a disco or, the other way around, of a disco transformed in a tennis court... think 'Tron' meets 'Wimbledon' in 'Ibiza' and you're getting half-way there!!

Imagine dark atmosphere, fluro court lines, and two tennis players who try to it hit the ball in the dark while DJs play the music. The balls, court and net along with player's shirts, skirts and shoes are fully UV reactive, and each game is highlighted by beats and light shows.

Work completed for this project included:

•Conceptual design from verbal brief to design of screen shots and the final functional system.
•Creation of all graphics.
•System design & content layout.
•Blue Pie completed all the aggregation off all content from MP3 files to Wallpapers.
•Turnkey solution delivered live for the client in 21 days.



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