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Magic Blue Creative wins the new Hit List Radio USA Development Contract !

We are very pleased to announce that Magic Blue Creative will be building the new Hit List Radio content management system, news portal and radio software for Hit List Radio USA

The software features a number of unique a properietry technologies that the software development team have been working on for the past 3 years. The new software will allow radio stations accross the USA to have a much more engaging and content rich websites for a fraction of the existing management and infrastructure costs that they have endured in the past 5 years. This along with our great project management systems and monitoring services will allow The Hit List Radio team to have a truly unique point of difference in the market and offer an incredible value packed product that will be well receiveding by station owners and operators. Remember to check back to the new Hit List Radio site for all the latest news on this great new project 

If you would like to have Magic Blue Creative develop your new systems then please email

Magic Blue Creative develops the new client management engine for Blue Pie Records !

Magic Blue Creative's software development team have been very busy over the past 6 months and have deployed the new versions of the Blue Pie Records and Blue Pie Data. You can check out the test systems at - A massive note of thanks goes out to the hardworking development team and all their non stop work to complete the new updates. If you would like to have Magic Blue Creative develop your new systems then please email 

James Elvidge New Website Coming Soon!

Magic Blue Creative is working on James Elvidge's new website for 2012! Stay tuned for the new branded website! Check out the website at

Marshmellow Overcoat Gets a New MySpace Branding!

Magic Blue Creative has developed a new branding for Marshmellow Overcoat's MySpace with a beautiful illustration! Check it out at

New Eleven Dollars Website Now Available!

Eleven Dollars Website has been redesigned and rebranded by Magic Blue Creative. See it at

In 2003, longtime friends Chris Mills and Cris Womack shared an apartment in Lewisville, TX. Like so many other musicians, the two starting playing and writing songs for fun. Their creativity turned into serious business as they began playing venues in the Denton area.

New BLKRAW Website Goes Live!

R&B and HipHop Artist, BLKRAW have a new website courtesy of Magic Blue Creative. See it at

BLKRAW was born in Oakland, California on June 29th. He grew up however, between Tampa, FL. and El Centro, CA. He was encouraged to start his career in the music industry by his now deceased brother, Sean C. Fuller. BLKRAW was only 17 years old when they had a car accident in 1998. He has since dedicated his time and efforts to himself and his brother’s dream to make it in the music industry. BLKRAW has opened for Slip N Slides Rick Ross in Tampa, FL., Club 112, Nina Ski in Mexicali, Mexico and E-40 from Sick Wid It Records in El Centro just to name a few.

New Gravity Stars Site Now Available!

Gravity Stars Entertainment have a new website courtesy of Magic Blue Creative. Check out the new website at

Gravity Stars is a new and exciting touring and events company bringing the thrill and excitement of extreme sports coupled with awesome music. We are busy building a new website for 2012.

New Johnny Bennett Website

Johnny Bennett have a new website courtesy of Magic Blue Creative. See it at

Johnny Bennett is one of those rare, but highly sought after artists - the breed of singer/songwriter who has lifetime experience and wisdom that literally gushes into the meaning and sentiment of every song he writes. Having previously held residency in San Francisco, New York and currently Los Angeles, Johnny Bennett is well equipped to draw on varied walks of life, adding a precious depth and quality to his work.

New Website for Dave Sharp!

Jazz Musician, Dave Sharp, has a new website up and running for you to enjoy. Check it out at

Dave Sharp was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where he was exposed to and inspired by the city’s rich music heritage. While earning a degree from the University of Michigan, Sharp became deeply devoted to the study of jazz and the perfection of his art. This devotion culminated in a move to San Francisco where Dave studied jazz and music theory with legendary bassist Herbie Lewis (McCoy Tyner, Cannonball Adderly, Les McCann) at the New College of California.

Earth and The Next Society website goes Live!

Earth & The Next Society have a new website courtesy of Magic Blue Creative. See it at

Guitarist and singer-Songwriter Michael Shields birthed the idea of “Earth and the Next Society” as a platform of expression focused on the evolutionary times that currently face humanity. As the concept began to gain momentum, Shields enlisted the support of an incredible group of musicians that have collectively led to a journey that merges the many inspirations associated with the Golden Age of Rock music and beyond. 

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