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Magic Blue Creative has over 50 years of communication experience in the management team. We pride ourselves on the excellence in service that we provide and our written guarantees with all work that we produce for our customers. We are focussed on building your business through improved communication and effective use of the internet as a business development tool for your business

Damien Reilly
Founder & CEO

Dip.Fin. 1987, Member Institute of Export
APRA Full Writer Member 1997     |    Member of AIR    |     Member of ARIA

Damien's specialist skill is the ability to integrate practical internet based communication systems into businesses. He creates leverage for Magic Blue Creative's clients by reducing their communication costs and allowing his clients to grow through improved and more efficient forms of communication and great design.

With over 25 years of IT & Music industry experience, Damien is the CEO of Magic Blue. As the CEO, Damien's specialist skills provide the company with market leverage and a competitive edge that allows the firm to compete more effectively and efficiently both locally and internationally. Damien creates leverage for Magic Blue Creative and our corporate clients through the practical integration of digital entertainment systems, data management services and the continual exploitation and commercialisation of the Magic Blue Creative source code libraries.

In 2007 Magic Blue Creative played a pivotal role in the greater expansion of Blue Pie's digital catalogue and development of new markets. Magic Blue Creative was directly responsible for the firms digital catalogue growing to over 3,000,000 tracks representing over 14,000 labels and over 100,000 artists from all over the world.

Damien is an accomplished musician, composer and producer with numerous international recording credits to his name and top 40 chart achievements.

Board Positions include:

CEO and Founder Blue Pie Productions - www.bluepie.com.au
CEO Blue Vault Digital - www.bluevaultdigital.com
CTO and Founder - Ordior www.ordior.com

Colin Seeger
Corporate Affairs

Colin Seeger has been actively involved in copyright and intellectual property management for nearly 20 years.

Colin manages corporate affairs and intellectual property protection for Magic Blue Creative, Blue Pie artists and the Blue Pie global catalogue of music. He provides a constant check on the management of our rights both locally and overseas and he has been a key part in the establishment of Blue Pie’s key strategic alliances with firms like FINTAGE and ARIA. Colin is the man to talk to when it comes to I.P law and the intricacy of its understanding. He is a Board Member of the Music Managers Forum Australian chapter and a Lecturer at Sydney Campus of TAFE. Teaching music licensing and publishing as a business.

Colin was the Corporate Counsel and Legal & Business Affairs Manager for Polygram Australia, overseeing the acquisition and creation of recordings and films as well as managing the administration and enforcement of the company’s extensive catalogues of copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property.

He is co-author of the first edition of the widely respected book “Music Business” and was a lecturer at the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts, teaching the post-graduate subject “Cultural Property, Ethics and the Law” - a cross discipline subject combining commercial law, intellectual property and business administration.

In 1996, he created a new consultancy to help business ventures of all kinds generate and secure their intellectual property for maximum benefit to the venture and the business.

He has provided commercial and industry advice to a wide range of companies, artists and media companies including television networks, internationally broadcast TV programmes and technology start-ups, assisting them develop novel commercialisation strategies. He also assists existing enterprises to identify and audit their IP as well as forming strategies. This assists the enterprises to better understand its strengths and areas of special advantage over competitors.

As Corporate Affairs for Magic Blue Creative, Colin provides I.P protection, management and consulting services to our customer base. He oversees consulting projects and manages the day to day protection and documentation of our clients I.P requirements when they engage our consultant network.

Colin is a founding shareholder with Blue Pie. We are honoured to have Colin on the team.

Marcus Batten
Director of Corporate Cards - Magic Blue Creative - www.magicbluecreative.com

LinkedIn Profile

Mr. Batten completed a military degree in Maritime Studies, and maintained an interest in broadcast and communications whilst building a career in the Royal Navy. He entered the commercial world selling video conferencing and broadcasting solutions to media and broadcast organisations in the 80s and was heavily involved in the trial and launching of remote television, pay TV and satellite solutions, HDTV and mobile journalist solutions. This was using mobile VSAT and DAMA technologies with the analogue TOC solutions around the world. He represented Australia on numerous broadcasting and entertainment lobby groups and was involved in the multimedia committees for the bids to the 1994 and 1998 Olympics drafted in 1988. The panel was tasked to define the future media communication and broadcast needs in and towards 2000.

Mr. Batten worked on the project teams for C-class spot beam satellites for the Australian satellite networks at Aussat. In the mid 80s, after leaving the military, he worked in an independent financial brokerage in London setting up corporate loans and venture capital for international traders and private investors and was an active member of the Dangerous Sports Club, a not for profit charity association raising money for good causes around the world.

He has a passion for media mobility and virtual ‘in the cloud’ business solutions across business and entertainment and is always one for generating interest and innovation in media, publicity and content, having written restaurant reviews for “About London” in the 80s. Mr. Batten qualified as a journalist and illustrator for Fairfax Media in the early 90s and from time to time has produced articles and works for the media. He has a breadth and depth of experience with sales, support and professional services delivery as well as strong leadership skills, developed within the Enterprise Software and Services market.

He has been intimately involved in all stages of the rollout and introduction of software, Media, telecommunications, IT and business solutions and services in a range of industries and has managed and lead software and system development teams. This has grown from a “hands on” operational risk and change management background in the military and other operational management experiences.

Marcus has a keen interest in virtual banking and retailing and closely follows Alibaba, E-bay and other holistic trading schemes. He has often worked with card trading systems and their virtualisation across frontiers. He first came across the concept of membership reward cards and advantage cards in the 80s and saw how well run membership schemes hung off a card that became a valued possession of the member: they became dependent on the card. He sees that a card can generate that membership, familiarity with an association. He knows that the card builds a feeling of being part of something.

As the director of corporate cards, Marcus oversees the company client base and manages the global business development team working with Damien Reilly Blue Pie’s CEO and David Murray, Blue Pie’s Chief Strategy Officer,  to drive sales of the firms white label debit cards and debit branded VISA and MasterCard programs. A man with vision and one who knows that the gold is in the detail; we are honoured to have Marcus on the team.

Rajeev Shirodkar

Mr. Rajeev Shirodkar, is a respected Business Professional within the Accounting and Finance industry in Australia and India. Rajeev’s background is profound and widespread in the specialities of Finance, Accounting, Operational Planning, International and Domestic Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Business Growth and Venture Capital Raising.

Rajeev commenced his career with Westpac Bank, working with them for 6 years. Then moving on, into the area in Audit of Banking and Finance. Rajeev’s services thereafter were engaged by Green and Gold IT for a period of 9 years, until the business was sold to a blue chip enterprise.

Rajeeve works with the board to manage the company capital requirements and global expansion of the companies software and I.P.patents and a global network of media contacts and associates in record, television and new media companies. 

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